Weekend 2015

Here we have the pictures of the second edition of Weekend.

We had a great time, so enjoy them!

20150718_111252 20150718_115553 20150718_100631 20150718_100642 20150718_100523 20150717_211503 20150717_214454 20150717_214555 20150718_093503 20150718_093521 20150717_205103 20150717_182436 20150717_182416 20150717_182402 20150717_154734 20150717_152243 20150717_152315 20150717_152256 20150717_154632 20150717_154651 IMG_5334 IMG_5333 IMG_5332 IMG_5331 IMG_5330 IMG_5325 IMG_5326 IMG_5327 IMG_5328 IMG_5329 IMG_5324 IMG_5323 IMG_5322 IMG_5319 IMG_5318 IMG_5307 IMG_5309 IMG_5308 IMG_5311 IMG_5315 IMG_5305 IMG_5303 IMG_5302 IMG_5300 IMG_5301 IMG_5292 IMG_5293 IMG_5296 IMG_5297 IMG_5291 IMG_5290 IMG_5289 IMG_5286 IMG_5287 IMG_5278 IMG_5280 IMG_5281 IMG_5283 IMG_5279 IMG_5266 IMG_5267 IMG_5271 IMG_5276 IMG_5265 IMG_5264 IMG_5263 IMG_5262 IMG_5233 IMG_5234 IMG_5261 IMG_5257 IMG_5259 IMG_5260 IMG_5232 IMG_5231 IMG_5230 IMG_5229 IMG_5228 IMG_5223 IMG_5224 IMG_5225 IMG_5226 IMG_5227 IMG_5222 IMG_5221 IMG_5220 IMG_5219 IMG_5218 IMG_5214 IMG_5213 IMG_5215 IMG_5216 IMG_5217 IMG_5208 IMG_5190 IMG_5189 IMG_5209 IMG_5191 IMG_5211 IMG_5192 IMG_5212 IMG_5202 IMG_5185 IMG_5184 IMG_5183 IMG_5182 IMG_5180 IMG_5174 IMG_5175 IMG_5177 IMG_5178 IMG_5179 IMG_5173 IMG_5172 IMG_5170 IMG_5169 IMG_5167 IMG_5159 IMG_5162 IMG_5164 IMG_5165 IMG_5166 IMG_5158 IMG_5157 IMG_5156 IMG_5151 IMG_5155 IMG_5141 IMG_5139 IMG_5143 IMG_5145 IMG_5138 IMG_5137

Anuncio publicitario

Meeting point is a get-togheter in Asociación Juvenil JOCE. We usually meet in the activity «Tandem», on Monday at 8pm. We are a group of peoplo from diferent places and diferent ages who want to improve our English. Of course, we would love help people to improve their Spanish in an exchange.

So, anybody who want to help will be very welcome!

Some different activities we offer is the «Mozuelos weekend». It takes place in Mozuelos de Sedano, in a shelter propiety of the asociation. You can see last year experience in the mozuelos weekend section in the website.

We are preparing an English library, which is going to be working by november. At the moment we are asking for English books to be lent later

See you then!